‣ Provide the highest quality, personalized advisory services to our clients

‣ Coordinate M&A advisory services and Wall Street financing to middle market firms

‣ Ensure that our middle-market clients receive the best analysis, recommendations and  executed solutions to grow in this specialized industry

SIP Advisory Business bases itself on Providing Sound, Objective Advice to our Clients

SYMPHONY INVESTMENT PARTNERS (SIP) is a boutique international advisory group focused on providing strategic advice to companies from a wide variety of industries.  The Group has specialized expertise in international distribution, manufacturing, financing and consumer branding with over 100 years of training and experience to help management choose and execute the best course of action. Our dedicated mission of offering personalized strategic advisory services enables SIP to service our clients with a full range of strategic and financial alternatives, analytical tools and objective counsel. We offer a broad range of solutions to fit our clients strategic and financial needs, including licensing strategies and implementation, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and buyouts for middle market firms